Double Jacket Gaskets
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Double Jacket Gaskets


SUNWELL offers a complete range of  Double Jacketed Gaskets. According to different operating conditions, Double jacketed gaskets with bars. for manhole or handholes.

Double Jacketed Gaskets are used on boiler and heat exchanger applications when ample bolting is available to correctly seat the gasket.  They are designed for high pressure and temperature applications up to and inclusive of Class 900.

More detail information of DJG gaskets, please contact with us.

Double Jacket Gaskets
Double Jacket Gasket
Double Jacket Gasket
  > Jacketed is made by hands, and welded. > Soft pliable core within thin metal covering. > Wide c...
Stamping Jacket Gasket
Stamping Jacket Gasket
  > Manufactured by stamping machine, full piece. > For gas mains, heat exchangers, pressure vessels,...
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